On this page, I post reviews of animes I’ve seen. That’s all there is to it. Feel free to look through the reviews I’ve done. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Trolling or salty comments because I dissed your favorite show will not be.


Starting with the review of A Certain Magical Index, I’ll be giving animes grades (over time, I’ll go back and grade the original posts). This is how I rate each (note: +s and -s are awarded based on how well the anime accomplishes each of the characteristics)

A: A’s go only to extraordinary animes. These are shows that aren’t just enjoyable, but captivating. They have a way of making you care about the story and characters and get you excited for the next episode. (Note: I will probably never give an anime an A+ because only perfect animes receive that score).

B: This is going to be the grade you see a lot. B’s are enjoyable animes. If I sit down, watch the show and say, “I had fun”, then it’s probably getting a B. The difference between a B and an A is how well the show was able to compel you with its story and characters and how well it paid off on that emotional attachment.

C: A C is an anime that had potential, but failed to deliver. Either it was too short or incomplete, but it left me feeling empty. If it went further with its story (story is key for this), it would’ve scored higher.

D: Hopefully, you will never see a D on this blog, because a D is just a bad anime. That’s all I can say about it.


So to put it simply

A’s are meaningful

B’s are enjoyable

C’s are incomplete

D’s are bad.

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