Anime Review – Blade Dance of the Elementalers

I like to go into new anime with an open mind. I’ve been surprised by animes that I would consider too short, and have been very satisfied overall. Today, we’re looking at Seirei Tsukai no Bureidodansu – Blade Dance of the Elementalers.

The Story: In this world, there exist people, all maidens, capable of summoning and controlling elemental spirits, which often take the form of animals or weapons. Those who can control these spirits attend Areisha Academy, where they will develop their abilities further. But now, the Academy faces an unprecedented occurrence and potential problem: This boy:

He is Kamito Kazehaya, the only male Spirit user in the world (the second in recorded history), drawn to the academy in search of his lost spirit partner. But remember, he is now the only male in an all-girls school. Guess where this show is headed.

This show is a harem, involving three girls. Some harem shows do a good job keeping the girls from devolving into large amounts of fanservice. Blade Dance kinda succeeds, leaving some as fanservice, and others mixed. But many scenes were completely unnecessary.

This is part of the opening scene. THE OPENING SCENE!!

Blade Dance is only 13 episodes long and it tries to keep direction, but comes up short. Part of it has to do with a lack of explanation. The show doesn’t do a good job explaining the world the characters inhabit, leaving you to figure out sometimes important plot elements. Elements that may be neglected a few episodes later.

There’s a semblance of organization, but considering the scope of the story the writers tried, 13 episodes was much too short. As a result, we’re left with story arcs that feel rushed or otherwise unfinished. It ends on a cliffhanger based on a premise that I didn’t expect. Judging from its ending, it’s preparing for a second season, but that season probably isn’t coming. Thus, Blade Dance just feels shallow.

The Characters: There’s not much to go off of with the characters because the show is so shallow. Some have a small level of development, but it’s barely substantial, if at all.

Because you can never activate abilities by keeping your hand down by your side.

Kamito Kazehaya: Kamito is a letdown. He has no redeeming features and is one of the blander main characters I’ve seen. Now this wouldn’t  be a problem if he instead helped develop the other main characters, but as you’re going to see…

0 to tsundere in 3 seconds.

Claire Rogue: Claire is very similar to Kamito in that she’s also horribly bland. Any semblance of development she gets is minimal and not relevant to the story as a whole. And as the main female lead, Claire is dangerously lacking.

Ellis Fahrenheit.

Ellis Fahrengart: Ellis fares slightly better than Claire, receiving more development; I enjoyed her more than Claire, anyway. The only problem with her is her degradation into fanservice. Many of her scenes were so over the top to the point of being unnecessary. Ellis serves more as a representative as the other characters in Kamito’s harem. They were actually somewhat interesting, and, if nothing else, had lots of potential. Ultimately, fanservice and time constraints were the limiting factors.

Final Verdict: There’s not much to say about Blade Dance. If it were longer and more conclusive, it would’ve scored higher. But it’s not, and thus I cannot say that it’s a great show.

Final Grade: C

Why can’t you just activate the crest normally?

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