The Rules of Anime

In RPGs, there are unspoken rules that you, the main character, can follow. For example, because you are the Hero, you can enter almost anyone’s home and vandalize their property and not get punished (I’m looking at you, Zelda). Through some collaboration with my friend, here are a few of the rules of anime.

Before we begin, this is a general list. For every rule, there are many exceptions, but there is an overall trend.

Generic Rules

#1 Hot Spring. There is always a Hot Spring scene.

#2 The main character is either an only child, an orphan, or the eldest child


#4 Main Character seating: Back right of the class, right by the window

#5 The more you’re losing, the more likely you’ll win in the end

#6 The main character’s parents are either never around or don’t care what their child does.

#7 Accidental violations.

Slice of Life/ Harem Rules

#1: High School. There is always a High School

#2 The roof of your school is where it’s at.

#3 In High School, you don’t do any meaningful homework and your teachers are pushovers.

#4 The main character is freaking DENSE!!

#5 The girls are all badasses, yet fall all over the main protagonist

#6 The Clubs are where it’s at



#7 The girl who kicks the crap out of you likes you.

#8 Accidental peeking. ‘Nuff said.

#9 Your best friend is stupid

#10 You love your childhood friend, but don’t realize it.

#11 You either love or hate the student council

#12 Mundane things tend to become 10x more badass than they should be



#13 Don’t mess with the principal

#14 Male side characters are perverts

#15 So long as you’re getting hurt by someone you love and care about or if someone who likes you hurts you, you’re immortal. You can get blown up or shot, and you’ll be just fine.

#16 Fanservice. Fanservice everywhere. Generally in the form of maid cafes.

#17 If you’re a female character, prepare to hear remarks about your chest. And be very embarrassed.

Fantasy/ Action Rules

#1 The amount of damage you’ve received is proportional to the amount of your clothing destroyed

#2 When you fight, always debate about your ideals



#3 The main character gets the best power, but usually can’t control it.



#4 If you’re the main character, everyone’s trying to kill you

#5 Even if it’s the 21st century, someone’s going to be swinging a sword around

#6 Attacks won’t work unless you yell their name.

#7 Always let your opponent get stronger (i.e power up or use their strongest weapon/attack)

#8 Side characters with names lost their plot armor in the final battle


#9 The odds that a character survived an attack is directly related to the amount of smoke and wind caused by said attack

#10You must always kill a villain using your strongest attack

#11 The strength of your opponents over time increases exponentially

yeah. It’s not the anime, but close enough.

#12 More people surprised=stronger attack

#13 Final battles are determined by clashes

#14 Strong hits need to be seen from three different angles

#15 You get stronger when you yell

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